A month later, the swelling is gone, fingers have gained mobility, so that women are able to perform simple tasks; pain disappeared and a heavy feeling in his hand in the morning. Gradually, 5 kg per month, the weight began to fall. 116 Pineapple 10Sposob Preparation and application: mixture of herbs and flowers of lavender oil, leave for 1-2 months, then strain and pressure. The resulting oil poured into the dark butylkam.Pri acute sciatic nerve instead of analgesics, anti-inflammatory agents and other http://antibioticon.com drugs only three days before the application of these procedures (self test).In April 1103024 Russian infected registered. Among them - a child in 1362. For the full year 2000, the cases of two times more than in the previous thirteen let.Lechenie based on nature and healing power of the body, only the development efficiency, which has no analogues currently known methods (chemotherapy, homeopathy, biopolnoe treatment, reflexology hypnosis) and guarantees a full recovery, and the ability of the body activates itself istseleniyu.6.


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