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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pay Your Age Day. Thursday 15th November 2018

Why is Build-A-Bear Workshop Australia hosting a “Pay Your Age Day”?

"Pay Your Age Day" will kick off an exciting new birthday program in Australia called "We Love Birthdays" where Guests 10yo and under will be able to pay $10AUD for our Birthday Treats Bear in the month of their birthday. Stay tuned to Build-A-Bear emails and social media channels for more info, coming soon!

How does Pay Your Age Day work?

On Thursday 15 November only, you can pay your age for one of four furry friends in stock in the Workshop that day. Choose between Lil Vanilla Bean Cub, Lil Buttercream Cub, Pink Cuddles or Blue Cuddles. How old you are is how much your furry friend costs (in dollars) on November 15! This is our biggest offer ever.

Will all furry friends be available for this offer?

No. The offer is only available for four specific furry friends: Lil Vanilla Bean Cub, Lil Buttercream Cub, Pink Cuddles and Blue Cuddles.

What if a guest is older and won't save any amount off a furry friend purchase?

To ensure that everyone can take part in the offer, no guest will pay more than $15 for one of the four specific furry friends. We are going to have fun with this event and we don't want to have any guest turned off or upset. So we'll wink and say that no-one is over 15 today at Build-A-Bear! This only applies on Pay Your Age Day and on the four applicable bears.

Do I need a form of identification to verify my age?

We will NOT be asking for ID or requiring any type of age verification.
You do not need to present formal identification to participate in the offer. Tell a Store Associate how old you are on November 15, we will apply the age on a We Heart Birthdays sticker and you will be able to pay your current age for a furry friend.

Can I pay my child's/children's age for a furry friend I want to purchase?

Yes – you may pay the age of any and all children who are with you in the store. This offer is valid for one of the four furry friends available per guest who is present in the store on November 15, and who is accompanying a VIB Member or adult over the age of 18 who signs up to become a VIB Member.

Does my child need to sign up for the Build-A-Bear VIB Club if I want to pay his/her age?

Guests must be 18 years old or older to sign up to become a VIB Member, therefore children under the age of 18 are not required to sign up. They need only accompany a VIB member, or an adult over the age of 18 who signs up to become a VIB member, in order to participate in the Pay Your Age Day event.

Is this offer available in all countries?

This offer is only available in Australian Build-A-Bear Workshop stores.

Is this offer available in all Build-A-Bear stores?

Yes, this offer is available in all Build-A-Bear stores in Australia including Myer Concession stores (Melbourne/Sydney/Hobart) and concourse stores (Green Hills, Narellan, Charlestown, Cairns, Mt Ommaney, Kawana & Logan Hyperdome) Our stores in Lollipops Playland Bundoora, Bentleigh East and Noble Park are also participating!

How do I sign up to become a VIB member?

Signing up to become a complimentary VIB Member is easy—all that is required is a valid email address plus state location. You can save time in the store on November 15 by signing up to become a VIB member at

Can I sign up to become a VIB Member in the store?

Yes. An associate can help you sign up in-store. However, you can save time in the store on November 15 by signing up to become a VIB member at

How many furry friends can I purchase with this offer?

This offer is valid for one furry friend per guest present in the store on November 15.
For example: A family of 4, mum + 3 children ages 2yo, 4yo & 8yo. Mum can purchase a bear for each child. She will pay $2, $4 and $8. And mum can purchase one for herself too! Guests cannot wait in line again to make a 2nd purchase. The offer is one per guest for the day.

This offer seems too good to be true – are there any exceptions?

Exact product may vary slightly by store location, however this offer is valid on four specific furry friends only that are in stock in the Workshop on November 15. These bears are: Lil Vanilla Bean Cub, Lil Buttercream Cub, Pink Cuddles and Blue Cuddles. While stocks last. All other furry friends are excluded and not available for the Pay Your Age promotion. You will of course be able to purchase them at regular retail price on the day if you choose. Clothes and accessories will also be available at regular retail price for separate, additional purchase.

Can I pay less than $1 if my child is less than 1 year old, or if I am pregnant?

The minimum price for this offer is $1 AUD. A guest may not pay less than this price for the furry friend, regardless of the guest's age or his/her child's age. In the case of a newborn or a baby under the age of 1yo, the price would be $1.

What if I don't want to sign up to become a VIB Member or provide my name/email address? Can I still participate in the offer?

This offer is a special benefit of being a VIB member or of signing up to become a VIB member.

I don't live near a Build-A-Bear Workshop store. Can I still participate?

We understand that not all of our guests live within driving distance of our stores and therefore not able to visit us in person. We will have future events that are offered online, but this special Pay Your Age Day offer is only available in the Workshop.

I recently purchased a furry friend and am within the return/exchange time frame—can I get a price adjustment for Pay Your Age Day?

The Pay Your Age Day offer can only be applied to purchases made on November 15 and is not valid on previous purchases.

Can I use my Groupon voucher on my Pay Your Age Day purchase?

The offer cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts so you will not be able to use your Groupon voucher.
Our reusable drawstring bag promotion ($5 when you spend $60) will still be valid.

Can I pay my age for clothing or accessories?

The Pay Your Age Day offer is only valid for four specific furry friends. Outfits and accessories are not included.

Can I purchase a furry friend unstuffed and come back to stuff it later?

Yes. Guests can pay their age for an unstuffed furry friend and come back to have the full Build-A-Bear experience at a later date. Guests will still need to wait in line to get in store to purchase an unstuffed furry friend.

Can I place a product on hold and purchase it on November 15?

We want as many Guests as possible to be able to celebrate Pay Your Age Day with us, so we are not able to place furry friends on hold for purchase on November 15.

I can't make it to a store on November 15 – can I come back and participate another day or obtain a voucher to use another day?

The Build-A-Bear Workshop Pay Your Age Day offer is ONLY valid on November 15 2018. There are no "rainchecks" and no vouchers available for this offer to be used at any other or later date.

Will Build-A-Bear Workshop ever have another Pay Your Age Day?

We are focused on making our first Pay Your Age Day the most fun ever for our Guests! This is a one-off promotion to launch our "We Love Birthdays" program. However, stay tuned to Build-A-Bear Workshop emails and social media for more information on our new "We Love Birthdays" program, which will kick off just after Pay Your Age Day.



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