Find-A-Bear ® ID program

We help lost furry friends find their way home to you! The Find-A-Bear® ID program helps your furry friend find its way home to you if it is ever lost. Every Build-A-Bear Workshop® furry friend you make is stuffed with a barcode. When you make a birth certificate at the Name Me station you can enter your new friend in our Find-A-Bear ID program by entering your contact information. If your furry friend is ever lost then returned to us we can hopefully use this information to send it home to you. If you move, remember to contact us to update your information.


If you have lost your furry furry friend from Build-A-Bear Workshop® click here for a Find-A-Bear ® ID Program Lost Form (pdf)


If you have found a lost stuffed animal click here for a Find-A-Bear® ID Program Found Form (pdf)